Why its important to invest in technology during this current downturn!

It is hard to see many businesses having to shut their doors and for some they may not survive. Many cannot operate remotely as they rely on physical work onsite.

For those that can operate to some capacity – this is for you:

Now is the time to adapt and invest in Technology and Digital Services for your business.

We are witnessing what will surely be remembered as a historic moment in time. Also, it will be remembered for the rapid deployment of remote work and digital services.

Something I have said, even prior to Covid to many business owners is: To overcome challenges and grow in your business you need to invest in technology.

We see a lot of business hold off on investing in Technology – they decide to wait till more $$ come into the business and then they will upgrade. The problem with this is they never actually get there. They get stuck on the hamster wheel trying to get more sales. They see IT and Digital Marketing as an expense. You need to change your mindset and see it as an investment –

By spending money on Technology – Your staff will be able to work more productively and do more sales/orders, by spending money on digital marketing – You will get more leads into your business. It is a Return on Investment

Yes it will require a spending but it has the potential to pay off in a big way once we make it through this pandemic.
In somecases you may actually save money.

So here are some suggestions on what you should look to review and invest in with technology for your business:

🕵️‍♀️ First step is to Review Current Expenses – Work out what your currently spending on IT and there maybe cheaper or better solutions out there then what your already paying.

💻Fast Internet – As we make the move into Cloud Apps and remote working you need fast reliable internet. It will be the backbone of an effective business infrastructure. Not just in your office but also ensuring your remote workers have good internet at home.

📢Clear Communications – We recommend using Teams and integrate this with Office 365 and OneDrive/SharePoint
With your staff over multiple locations they need to be able to communicate with easy. We love Office 365 and it has so many features – not just an Email.

🏆Customer Service – Use technology to deliver superior customer service. How do your customers interact with your staff – Phone, Email? what about your Website, Live Chat, Chat Bots, Ticketing Systems, Self Help Kiosks in store.

You want to streamline your processes and procedures and automate tasks that are time consuming.

🛒Point of Sale and Payments – Streamline your point of sale technology – how are you accepting payments from customers – cash, Eftpos, online orders – multiple payment methods means getting paid faster. Give your customers options

☎️Phone Systems – Are your staff able to answer calls remotely – streamlining this with a reliable VoIP system will be crucial to your business. Being able to anwser those calls instead of a voicemail could be the reason you win that sale.

🎯Website / Digital Marketing / Social Media – being online is crucial more than ever now – with many businesses closing their doors due to lockdowns – Online is one way to keep in touch with your customers. Having a good website which allows online sales/payments, educate your clients through content on social media. Target your prospects with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

👮🕵️‍♀️Cyber Security – The landscape has changed with hackers and viruses – its the new modern warfare. Antivirus alone wont protect your business – you need a layered security approach – antivirus, antispam, firewalls, web protection, backups, educating your users on these threats.

📜Business Continuity Plan – Having a disaster recovery plan and even recovery plan is critical to your business. When things go wrong you want to be able to be up and running fast with minimal downtime.

💻 Hardware/Software – Is the current hardware you using not suited to a remote enviroment. Often new hardware will be faster, work with the latest apps and save you future headaches.

🦸‍♂️One of the best things you can do for your business right now is to partner with a Technology Specialist. Someone who can bring all of this together for your business and work with you and your team to achieve greatness.

Book in your Business Technology RoadMap session today and see where we can help your business with technology


Its very tough out there at the moment – many people’s first intinct is batton down the hatches, cut costs and save money where they can. We get this but it’s important to plan and look ahead. Work out how you can keep your business operational during these crazy uncertain times. For us we see Technology being key for survivial.

Stay Safe 🙏

IT Consultant Melbourne