Collaboration just got a whole lot easier

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that helps your staff stay organised and have conversations, from any device and any location. You can use Microsoft Teams to have instant conversations with members of your staff or guests outside your company. You can also make phone calls, host meetings, and share files.

Microsoft Teams allows people in your company and people outside your team to actively connect and collaborate in real time to get things done. Have a conversation right where the work is happening, whether coauthoring a document, having a meeting, or working together in other apps and services. Teams is the place to have informal chats, iterate quickly on a project, work with team files, and collaborate on shared deliverables.


Have rich, real time conversations with your team and invite clients or guests to the conversation.

Share Your Screen

Have private chats or calls and share your screen with one another.

Arrange Video Meetings

Schedule and join meetings with employees and guests.

Share Files

Add or share files from the associated SharePoint site or OneDrive.

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