If your current IT Provider is ALWAYS fixing things…then it’s time to switch

When it comes to IT for your business, you need things to be running smoothly and efficiently. When your constantly experiencing issues and having to chase up your IT Provider to fix things then something isn’t right. When you look after your computers, servers and software proactively and have a good system in place….things should just work like you expect them too.

Waiting for problems to occur before you contact IT is also a very old way of handling your IT issues. You want an IT Provider who is proactive and often jumping on issues before your even aware there is an issue. Much like maintaining a car you need to do regular maintenance rather than waiting for it to break down on the side of the road.

These days most businesses prefer an partner up with an IT Provider who proactively prevents problems from happening.

Now If you don’t have this setup, we really should talk on a no obligation basis. Let us have a coffee and discuss.

Here are some of the benefits of having Proactive IT Provider partner with your business

Benefit: Less downtime

No one likes downtime, it takes its toll on your business. Even a short amount  of downtime can cause issues to your business as staff can’t complete work and you can potentially lose sales. When you have regular downtime staff can easily lose focus and productivity.

By having an IT Provider who proactively looks after your computers, servers and software – you minimise the downtime. A good IT Provider will sit down with you and plan for the future which will also avoid downtime by upgrading your systems, getting backups in place and keeping you and your staff working productively and efficiently.

Benefit: Cost savings

Having a lot of downtime and unmanaged devices it can also cost your business quite a lot.

According to a recent survey they found that around 78% of  businesses reported costs of more than $10,000 for each hour of downtime they suffered. 10% of businesses said that figure was over $50,000.

If you think about how many staff you have, how much you pay them per hour and how much per hour you invoice – that number can quickly add up. By partnering with an IT Provider who does proactive maintenance and applies security this can save you a lot of money.

Benefit: Predictable Expenses

By paying a reoccurring monthly fee to look after your Technology needs you will find you will be able to budget much better.

At CX IT Services we like to sit down with business owners and do a Technology Roadmap for their business. This gives a birds eye view of your Technology and allows businesses to budget for the future. As your business grows so does your technology

Benefit: Better Security

Having a proactive IT Provider partner with your business is like having a bouncer at the front door of your business. They implement Security systems, policies and procedures to make sure unwanted things don’t get into your network.

Proactive support means your IT Provider is constantly looking at your network:

  • Ensuring your Computers/Servers are all Updated
  • Ensuring Antivirus is updated and scanned regularly
  • Ensuring your data is secure and backed up

Often as an IT Provider we detect and fix issues before your even aware there is an issue. Often majority of the time we fix things in the background while you and your staff continue to work without any downtime.

Benefit: Better Productivity

When your IT isn’t up to scratch and things unmanaged – your staff will find themselves unproductive waiting for issues to be fixed, slow and unresponsive. So by having an IT Provider who is proactively fixing and maintaining your computers and servers you will find there are less issues and things just work they way they are intended to. This means staff are more productive and getting more done.

It can be even more frustrating when the downtime is caused by something they’ve complained about before.

This also improves office morale and staff enjoy working and not frustrated by technology. Technology should be there to make life easier not make it harder.

Benefit: Allows for better planning

Unfortunately in the real world disasters can happen and vendors can have outages. Having a proactive IT Provider can work with you to plan for disaster – like hardware failure, cyber attacks and outages like Internet or with your Software.

Part of our solutions is to work with you to ensure your important data is backed-up – and crucially, test that your back-ups are working.

Much like when you get on a plane they show you exactly what to do in the event there is an issue. We like to sit down with our clients and work out a Business Continuity Plan and also a Cyber Incident Response Plan so all staff know what to do in the event there is an unplanned issue that we need to act fast on.

So how easy is it to switch IT Providers? 

Often a lot of businesses feel they can’t change IT Providers because it requires too much change and downtime – so they put up with unresponsive support and annoying issues.

The thing is it is easier than you think to change providers. At CX IT Services we have mapped out this process to make it extremely easy for businesses to switch providers. We have a kit we have put together with forms and documents to send to your incumbent IT and have a super easy process to follow ourselves which streamlines the whole process. This takes a massive weight off business owners shoulders as they find it a daunting task. Often they don’t know what to ask when switching so having someone take that burden on is what we do best.

So if your feel its time to change we encourage you to have a no obligation chat with us over a coffee to see how we can help your business.