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Finally, a Cyber Security Guide that allows for real, actionable changes anyone can do. It even comes with a checklist you can tick items off once completed!

We are in the midst’s of another pandemic which isn’t getting the coverage it needs and that is Cyber crime, cyber attacks and businesses and individuals being held to ransom over data, having files stolen, having their identity stolen and costing them thousands, hundreds of thousands and in some circumstances their entire livelihoods.

We have reproduced a Cyber document from the https://www.cyber.gov.au/ Website and made it easily digestible and practical for your use. We did not write the content, nor claim to have, we are merely sharing it in such a way it can be applied practically to your business today!

Australia is built on a culture of ”she’ll be right” untill of course it happens to you. We see this happen alot to many business owners who share the same attitude and its a terrifying prospect.

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