It has become a reality that many people will have to stay home to work whilst the Corona Virus is infecting a lot of people. CX IT Services has created a checklist for helping your business setup remote access for staff. This list can vary depending on how your business is setup and what services are available to you at your office.

Internet Connecting in your office

Having users remote in its important to ensure your office internet is adequate. Having multiple users remote in will require both good Upload and Download speeds and a reliable connection.  Your internet connection will also need to be a static connection – meaning it always has the same IP address. This is required for users who will VPN into your office network.

Bandwidth – This is probably a big blind spot for a lot of business owners as they weren’t advised when they signed up for an Internet connection – how many users and how much bandwidth they require.

Also require a good reliable internet connection at the user’s homes too which will ensure the remote access runs well and productivity is maintained.

VPN Capabilities

A VPN allows remote users to securely log into your Office network. You will need to ensure your modem/router has these capabilities to login.

Protecting your data is a critical area you need to maintain when end users are working on company data.

Company supplied Devices VS BYO devices

Another area to consider is do remote workers have a company supplied device which you can control, or will they be using their own personal devices which may pose a security risk. BYO is most likely cheaper and faster to deploy if the end users’ devices are capable of working for business use.

What type of devices do end users need:

  • Smartphone
  • Laptop
  • Internet access
  • Web Cam for Video Conferencing
  • Headphone/Headset for answering calls
  • Antivirus/Firewall installed on local devices

If they are using personal computers – ensuring that end users are saving company data on the correct locations where you have backups implemented.

Cloud Servers

An area where CX IT Services specialize in is Cloud Servers. We can provision a dedicated server for you where you can provide a secure cloud server for your staff to remote into. We upload your company data to the server and give permissions to the appropriate shares that staff need to access. We install software like Office 365 and any other tools you normally would use in your office.

Then you setup VPN access for remote staff to use. The result of this is your business suddenly becomes more mobile. It makes setting up new computers a breeze and no company data is stored locally – its all on the cloud server. So, if someone has their laptop stolen – then remote access to that laptop is simply denied. When one program gets updated -everyone is updated.

Phones – VoIP Solutions

We recommend business review their phone lines and make the move to VoIP. We specialize in 3CX which is a Cloud based PABX and you can setup remote offices/extensions which connect all users to the cloud phone system. You can transfer calls between users and have ring groups. Users can see who is on a call and do internal calls to one another which saves on mobile calls.

Office 365

Having your emails and users on Office 365 is also a massive benefit. All your devices sync Office 365 mailbox which is your emails, contacts, tasks and calendar.

It also has ability to share data in One Drive and Share Point and also do video conferencing in Microsoft Teams.

Speak to us today to see how we can implement these services into your business. We recommend doing our technology assessment to discover more about your business and how it operates. We then tailor a solution to your specific needs and a technology roadmap on where we recommend your business to be technology wise.

Techonology Assessment:

We recommend you fill in this form below to give us a better understanding of your business needs and requirements. We will then arrange a time to come out to your office and review some of these items in greater depth. Then we can come up with a tailored solution for your needs.

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